Tuesday, 15 May 2012

How to order and collect your order with payment?


~ Way to make order ~

Email your order details to us with the tiltle of subject "Amigurumi: No. <name of items>.

For example:
subject: Amigurumi: 2A <Owl>, 4C<Sunny Doll>, 11<Panda>, 20B<Mushroom>

(please write your details in the body of email)
Handphone number (h/p no):
Matric no.:
e-mail address:
order items: 2A, 4C, 11(green scarf), 20B
specific requirements (if have, please stated):

For items 1 to 10, kindly email the details to the email as below: fly.free.at.the.sky@gmail.com while for items 11 to 23, please send your order's email to rose_lee1990@yahoo.com

~ Way to collect your order from us with payment ~

We will reply your email and inform you the time taken for us to complete for producing the amigurumi items that you order. We will let you know when you can collect your order items. We will confirm with you the date you can collect your order items and meet you up at DKG 1 / DKG 2 / DKG 5 / DKG 6 to pass up the items to you. Since we will go to class, hence the places to meet you up for collecting your order items are flexible. Please make your payment on the spot when we pass up the items that you order to you.   

For any doubt, you can direct ask us out by joining our group at facebook with the link below:


For more information on diversification of items available, you can visit the page at facebook too with the link below:


So what are you waiting for? Just make an order with us by today!   ^.<

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